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Redefining Data Intelligence

Custom-Crafted Dashboard Solutions: Transforming Complex Data into Actionable Insights for When Generic Solutions Don't Measure Up
Our Story

At Ophanic, we specialize in developing tailored operational and intelligence dashboards for unique industrial challenges. Where pre-packaged software falls short, our blend of design and engineering expertise, coupled with a lean mindset, allows us to create unparalleled, customized dashboard solutions.

Our Vision

At Ophanic, we believe in delivering simplicity and measurable value. Our vision is to identify the pain points of our customers and provide solutions that are focused on the right KPIs. We aim to help them escape the complexities of enterprise software and achieve their goals efficiently.


We use the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques to develop our operations and insight dashboard solutions in Web, Mobile and IoT. Our team of experts is constantly exploring new ways to improve our products and services, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Who are we

How It Works

Advanced Predictions

Our dashboards do more than display data; they predict the future. Powered by IoT and AI, we provide you with the foresight to preempt operational issues, streamlining efficiency and securing your competitive advantage.

Tailored Dashboards

Every dashboard we create is a custom solution, designed to turn your complex data into actionable insights. Our specialized approach ensures your dashboard directly addresses your unique operational challenges, enabling smarter, faster decision-making.

Seamless Tech Integration

Integrating our cutting-edge dashboards into your existing systems is smooth and disruption-free. We ensure that you benefit from the latest technological innovations without the hassle, elevating your operations to new heights. Our dashboards offer seamless integration with CRM, ERP, MES, IMS, WMS, and other enterprise systems, providing a comprehensive view of your data and operations.

How it works
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Tel: +90-554-507-7657

Talatpaşa Cd. No: 5/1, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul

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