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Redefining Enterprise Solutions

Custom-Crafted Web, Mobile, and IoT Solutions: Transforming Complex Workflows into Streamlined Processes for When Generic Software Falls Short
Our Expertise

At Ophanic, we specialize in developing tailored enterprise solutions for unique business challenges. Our expertise spans web applications, mobile platforms, and IoT integrations. Where off-the-shelf software falls short, our blend of design and engineering prowess, coupled with a lean mindset, allows us to create unparalleled, customized solutions that drive efficiency and visibility.

Our Vision

At Ophanic, we believe in delivering simplicity and measurable value. Our vision is to identify the pain points of our clients and provide solutions that focus on the right metrics and processes. We aim to help businesses escape the complexities of generic enterprise software and achieve their goals efficiently through tailored solutions.


We leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop our enterprise solutions across Web, Mobile, and IoT platforms. Our team of experts is constantly exploring innovative ways to improve workflows, increase visibility, and drive operational excellence. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.

Who are we

How We Work

Tailored Solutions

Comprehensive Analysis

We begin by thoroughly understanding your business processes. Our team analyzes your current workflows, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. This in-depth approach ensures our solutions address your specific challenges.

Every solution we create is custom-built to streamline your unique business processes. Whether it's a web-based management system, a mobile app for field operations, or an IoT solution for real-time monitoring, our specialized approach ensures direct alignment with your operational needs.

Seamless Tech Integration

Our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing systems. We ensure that you benefit from innovative technology without disruption, elevating your operations to new heights. Our enterprise solutions offer seamless integration with CRM, ERP, MES, IMS, WMS, and other business systems, providing a comprehensive view of your operations.

How it works

Our Solutions


Ostamax: Field Service Management Simplified

Ostamax is our flagship product designed to revolutionize field service management. It's a comprehensive solution that streamlines service operations from customer requests to completion.

Key Features:
  • Customer App: Allows easy service requests through QR code scanning and provides real-time updates.

  • Admin Dashboard: Offers a holistic view of operations, smart resource allocation, and detailed reporting.

  • Service Personnel App: Provides job details, allows real-time updates, and works offline.

  • Improved efficiency in service operations

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes

  • Competitive pricing plans


Ostamax is perfect for businesses looking to optimize their field service management, reduce response times, and boost customer loyalty.

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